At Body Quintessence our fully qualified and accredited aroma-therapist Sharon Morris prepares our aromatherapy skincare range. Sharon has been successfully making personal aromatherapy prescriptions for her clients and mail order market for many years now. She is also an educator in aromatherapy and her passion and goal is to educate the general public in regards to what they are applying on their skin, and to point out what they apply is readily absorbed into the bloodstream, which in turn affects the whole body system.

With this in mind, Sharon set about producing a skin care range that is uncomplicated and very effective for use on all skin types, men or women, no matter what age. It’s a combination of the most purest essential oils and plant extracts that are easily absorbed into the dermal area of the skin, where it gently promotes and activates cell rejuvenation, revitalising and nourishing your skin.

Body Quintessence is truly a totally all natural skincare range with no chemical additives.

All Body Quintessence products are correctly packaged in coloured containers which capture and hold the vitality of the products, while giving a shelf life of up to and exceeding 2 years.