A body is not merely a body but a complex combination of the body as a whole; mind and spirit, each of which requires it proper amount of nutrition, combined with exercise and rest. The body is a servant to our mental leadership, with discipline and discernment it moulds to our chosen path.

A more natural life is a means of obtaining a cleaner body. One who has earned a clean body has a zest for life. Good health allows the person to become the individual to whom they desire with the ability to obtain the highest of goals in life.

Of all the earthly treasures, vibrant health is the most precious.

Each day we build new skin on the palms of our hands, each month we create a new cell structure in our stomach, while each year we construct both a new brain and bone structure. Keeping in mind, we now know we can make our bodies better or worse each day. The decision is yours!

Body Quintessence provides you with the art and science of pure aromatic skincare for both men and women in a balance of Ying/Yang formulations that enhance your body, mind and spirit.

Our formulations are absolutely pure and effective blends of the finest quality essential oils. The essential oils interrelate with the human body pharmacologically, physiologically and psychologically, enhancing and maintaining a and cleaner skin and body that has vitality and zest for life, regardless of skin type, condition and age.

Our non complicated skin care range is contained in brightly coloured containers to capture the life force and vitality of the essential oils. No minerals, petroleum oils, chemical preservatives, or animal tested formulas are included in any of our products.